Friday, November 20, 2015

What Would Have Happened?

If Noah had been tried in the court of public opinion, and laid his hammer down.

If Joshua and Caleb had trained their eyes on the "giants in the land" instead of the God of Heaven.

If Polycarp had merely gone along with the program instead of refusing to do what was popular.

If John Huss had simply muttered, "To each his own," because it was so much more tolerant.

If Betsie ten Boom had obeyed her fear rather than the Lord.

If Jim Elliot and his friends had just used some common sense, and stuck to street missions.

If Rosa Parks had simply sat down and shut up.

If Asia Bibi had waited for someone else to come and speak to those women.

If Kent Brantly had drawn the line at personal risk.

If the couple that sits beside me in church had only left Liberia sooner...
if my Facebook friend would just turn her back on Muslims wanting to learn...
if my nephew and his wife would stop worrying so much about those lost to addiction for years.

What would have happened if, rather than the call of Christ, these people had heeded the call of comfort, ease, political correctness, or popularity? No one willing steps into the ring with ebola, or death, or public ridicule without something much larger drawing them. Sometimes it is a tough decision, and the consequences are great. But I don't doubt these courageous people knew how much greater the consequences would be if they chose otherwise.

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