Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Just Follow and Point; Follow and Point

Once a week I have the privilege of hanging out with some of the best women I know. We are diverse in many ways, but share one, very significant love: Jesus. Some of these women have endured hardships like no other, some give of so much time and talent it is hard to believe. You would never know by looking at them.

Because when you look at them, you see Jesus.

And that's the way they want it.

We recently had a discussion about conversations with those who do not know Jesus or have fallen out of relationship with Him; specifically those who are living a lifestyle that goes against God's Word and the character of God revealed in it.

(I believe God has given us our personalities, experiences, talents and quirks to use for His glory. We all approach ministry as differently as we approach our relationship with Him. That being said...)

I tend to use a "non-invasive" approach. I've often wondered if, when it comes to telling others about Jesus, I punk out. I don't pull the "World's Tiniest Bible" out of my watch pocket and begin flipping pages; I don't rattle off verses; I don't carry a sign with "John 3:16" in big, bold letters; I don't blast K-Love from my basement; I'm not going to visit your house and suck my teeth when I see your Bible gathering dust, or a copy of the Quran lying open on the arm of your couch. I simply say, "Hello." I start a conversation; I try to establish a relationship; I try to serve others. I don't refer to "The Man Upstairs," or hide behind my role in church as my "Sunday gig" either. I make no bones about who I am or what I do. I just don't expect you to follow me, or Jesus for that matter.

You see, I am a Christian. Following is my job. I am a follower of Jesus; that's what being a Christian means. By God's grace, I chose this. You make your choices. I hope and pray to show you a better one. But following, at least for right now, is what is expected of me.

And I point. If you ask, I will tell you precisely what God says about ___. I will debate you; if you question my beliefs, if you try to sell me your bill of goods, I will not hesitate to tell you the truth. If you and I have known one another for a while, if we are comfortable engaging in some tough dialogue, it's on. Whatever it takes, whatever the situation calls for, whatever our relationship allows, wherever the Holy Spirit leads, I will point. To Jesus. And nowhere else.

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