Sunday, June 14, 2015

What's in Your Garden?

We have a grandson! Truth is, we've had him for a little while now but sadly, don't get to see him much. This makes me very thankful for social media and modern technology, but on his first Easter his mama bought him a good old fashioned book. The book was Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. Odd thing about this book, it's one I'd gotten for our son, Steven when he was a boy. I'd read it to him as much as he'd allow; I wanted him to know I'd love him forever, and no matter what. When he grew, I packed his copy away with "Baby," his first and favorite stuffed bear. And though he has children of his own, he's never mentioned either item to me, ever. Our daughter Christine, however? She shocked me when she sent a picture of what was in our tiny grandson's Easter basket. To her, the book was a dear memory, something worth seeking out, something she wanted to pass on to her son the way I'd tried to pass it on to mine.

My husband has a wonderful green thumb. From its inception, SJM Property Restorations, his business was to be a "full service" property maintenance and development business; Scott's desire was to beautify customers' homes inside and out. That has not gone quite as planned either, and landscaping jobs have been few, but his garden at our home is fabulous! Some years he plants flowers that thrived for us previously; some years he tries something completely new. This year, however, his carefully planned ensemble of color and texture, height and depth, was invaded by violas -- lots and lots of violas. Brilliant, violet violas. Variegated violas. Springing up everywhere! Beautifully surrounding our potted plants and lining our stone path. Neither of us ever recalls planting violas, ever. And yet...

When Scott and I agreed our relationship was headed toward death doing us part, and we decided to bring it before our children, we dreamed of creating family: family traditions, family dinners, family vacations, family ties. Need I say it? Didn't happen. But something else did take place. Our children bonded in ways that are still being revealed. Experiences -- good and bad -- have brought them to a common place. And relationships between child and parent, or step-parent have formed that have a depth and a loyalty we never imagined. We tried planting feelings and memories, but seem to have been blessed instead with a harvest of unique and unexpected relationships our children have cultivated.

Thinking about these things today, made me realize just how seeds are sown. Sure, some are with intent, and I think it's important we do that, but if you're like me you don't have much success with that stuff. I'm not sure what seeds you have sown in your life. I'm not sure what you are trying to cultivate. Perhaps your garden looks more like February -- barren and brown. But it seems to be, the seeds sown naturally, casually, as we go through life being what we are called to be, enjoying what we've been given, and doing what we are given to do, are the seeds that really take root and thrive. Those are the seeds our Great Gardner waters and turns into violas -- brilliant, beautiful and springing up everywhere!

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