Monday, June 16, 2014

Do You Like Iranian Cuisine?

Meet my friend, Hassan. Hassan is the President of Iran. (I know some pretty important people, huh?) Hassan and I are thinking about getting together to kick this other guy's butt. Well, it's really lots of guys, but we'll call this guy ISIL. ISIL is currently the school yard bully in the neighboring town. I say currently, because Hassan and his friends used to be the bullies. As a matter of fact, I've bullied a few people here and there, but never mind that. The important thing is Hassan and I are joining forces to fight for truth, justice and the American way! Or the Iranian way. I'm not sure who's leading this operation. I guess I'll find out, though.

Hassan and I have agreed, this is not about us. This is about the security of the entire world, and any other motive for butting in some one's business would be wrong, and pointless, and fatal -- well, not to us directly, but... Well, I think Hassan's an OK guy to do this. He truly wants to see Middle School East under control.

Some people say I shouldn't trust Hassan because of our history together. But we haven't had History together for months!

Well, G2G! Hassan is asking me for some passwords he's going to need -- oh, and some money. And, what?! Hey, wait. Hassan!

P.S. I've included a picture of John Kerry when he realized he had ordered the Lamb and Asparagus Stew without checking the SPECIALS board!

And this is my friend, Hassan, ordering me all three volumes of his book, Islamic Political Thought, so I can study up!
We'll be the best of friends!
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