Monday, September 16, 2013

Ch- Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes

Transition.  It's the word people use when they don't want to freak others out with the word "change."  For instance, when your employer says, "We are in the midst of a transition."  What he's really saying is, "Everything is about to change.  I cannot guarantee a moment's stability, and I'm really not even sure why I am telling you this because I cannot say for certain you'll be around by the time I'm finished this sent--  Oh.  Wow.  Sorry."

But not all transitions are bad.  I generally listen to Country or "Contemporary Christian" (I loathe that classification, BTW) music, but from time to time, I will make a call.  It goes something like this, "Hey, I'm going off the grid for a while.  Love you.  I'll talk to you later."  This is Scott's warning that I am no longer answering the phone, the door, the "History Facts" quiz on the back of the cereal box -- nuthin'.  But I am OK.  Then, I will put on some Jazz, or Dubstep, or Classical or, or New Age; I might even throw in some Floyd, or Tool, or Metallica.  The transitions in the music are exciting -- like getting more than one song for your buck!  You're not sure what's coming next, but the first part was so good, you're safe to assume what is to follow will be just as good, if not better.

I have been studying the Book of Psalms for the past couple of months.  So many Psalms begin in anger or disappointment.  My psalm for this morning was Psalm 77.  He begins troubled, overwhelmed, in anguish; he cries out -- why? how long? have You really turned Your back on us?  It is when the writer considers how good things used to be, that he determines to hold on to those things through this period of transition.  He decides that, though transitions may be difficult, or unexpected, or completely out of his control, they are not beyond God's control.

The God who composed this life is still on His throne, and based on the first movement, we are safe to assume what is coming next will no doubt, be a masterpiece!

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