Sunday, May 26, 2013

We Are Not "Merely" Human

I just thought I would share this with you...

In June's issue of In Touch magazine, an article entitled "Truly Human (Again)," by Winn Collier says the following:

"...we need help believing the truth that God delights in our humanity....God created our humanity to reflect His own glory and goodness.  Being human is God's idea.

"This means that every human act, when done as a reflection of (and in submission to) God's reign in the world, is an intensely spiritual activity."

He goes on to say, that despite the failure of Adam and Eve to live in relationship with God as He designed, "the commission to exert their God-given humanity was not retracted.  They were still to work the ground and bring children into the world.  They were still to do their best to make beauty, only now such efforts would progress with immense difficulty.  In fact, all of life would be futile, were it not for the promise that God would send One who would restore their humanity and full dignity, and release them to once again be their true selves."

Jesus, God in human flesh, had communion with God in such a way that it was an expression His humanity; His godliness was never at odds with his humanity.  "Jesus taught us what it looks like to be truly human."

Collier quotes Augustine (City of God) when he says, "We know ourselves better in God than in ourselves."

"Jesus came in flesh to give His broken body and His gushing blood for our redemption...  [Even]
with all our human creativity and expression on display, God's Spirit is actively loving and restoring us -- and hopefully using us to participate in healing every person in the world as well.  God longs for us all to be home, for us all to be truly human.  Again."
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