Sunday, May 19, 2013

Goin' All "Mary Poppins" on Ya

Words fail me.  Yep! It's true.  Well, maybe not completely.  There's a verse in Romans that says God's kindness, patience, forgiveness is meant to draw us away from the sin and darkness of this world, and draw us toward Him. In times like these, I mostly hear from the pulpits of our churches, this verse explains why God doesn't just whack us all -- or at least "the bad people" -- if He is really a sovereign God who cannot stand the sight of evil.  The truth is, as a people we chose evil over the goodness of God, and sometimes parents have to let their children see the error of their ways for themselves; He is patiently waiting -- still loving us all the while -- until we wise up.  Additionally, the fear, deceit, hedonism,and selfishness plaguing our society contrasts so sharply with the goodness of God, who wouldn't run toward Him?  The trials and losses of this life keep us on our knees, seeking answers from the One True God, the only One who can redeem us and rescue us!

That being said, I sometimes see this verse a little differently.  Last week was one of those weeks...

Let's begin with the picture perfect weather we had most of the week.  The dogs and I couldn't get enough of it.  Rich, blue skies over budding green trees and shrubs.  Petals falling before us as we walked like a pink and white ticker-tape parade.  Breezes blowing the musty, lingering remnants of winter out to sea.  Cottony white clouds floating easily overhead, tumbling like kittens before they dissolve into thin air.  Days like that just make my heart sing!  Very "Song of the South," I know, but it's true!

Then there was the trip to the mechanic.  A simple but fairly costly repair, paid for in cash!  Yes, cash.  God is Good!  I think that's a first for us -- saw the guy in the office rubbing one of the bills, I assumed he was testing for color-fastness.

Grocery shopping with Mom.  Always an adventure.  You never know when she's going to come out with a completely inappropriate remark like, "Is her hair real?"  No filter and no volume control.  But I have my mom... with me... in good health... and happy.

Tuesday I had lunch with a friend.  We had just seen each other a couple months ago for breakfast.  This, I have found (at least for me) is the secret to having lunch.  My job requires me to keep odd hours, and though I work part-time, my days outside of work are full of "other stuff."  When the time in which I've talked with friends grows too long, so do our lunches.  Before we know it, we've talked for three or more hours, I am grossly behind schedule, and what should have been an enjoyable afternoon has turned into me being late for bed, or not having gotten something done, and I am stressed.  This was "an enjoyable afternoon."

Wednesday -- different friend, same deal.

Later in the week, we got a new, FREE sidewalk!  Anyone who knows me knows how much I like free.  New and free are sublime!

Throughout the week I helped prepare food for a party a friend was throwing.  Pounds of potato salad, pasta salad, and meatballs came to life in my cozy, dilapidated kitchen.  Since, it seemed inspiration had decided to stick around, I took advantage and did some baking.  Like Martha Stewart and Snow White, all rolled into one disgustingly happy, content human being.

Then there was the very first visit from my new granddaughter, Olivia, and her mother, Shannon!  Although I was meeting my granddaughter for the very first time, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her mother!  How old do I sound when I call her "a great kid?"  I know, but she is; she is a great kid.  And as strange as it may be, I was looking forward to spending time with her.  I knew I would love Olivia, once I met her, once I spent a little (15 seconds) with her, but I know that I love Shannon.  Surely, those of you with children have that friend of your son's or daughter's that has stolen your heart -- one who pops into your mind the minute you start praying for your children, maybe even treats you better than your children!  I'm gushing; sickening, I know, but I have truly missed her.  I miss all my "children," and my children who are out and about, drying their wings and taking flight.  But it was a great visit, and I was so thankful to Shannon for allowing me back into her life, and allowing me to be a part of Olivia's.  And I was thankful to God -- for answered prayer, for the softening of hearts, for walking with me in the pain, and for His kindness -- the kindness that turns me toward Him!

It's the terrible times that have me crying out to my Jehovah Jireh, to get me through, to provide relief, to walk with me and teach me as we endure the adversity; but it's the weeks like this that cause me to proclaim His goodness, His faithfulness, His loving kindness, and His love!  I run to Him for more!  I long to spend time worshiping and magnifying His gracious and powerful name!  I spontaneously break out in song -- think "The Sound of Music," only in my head, not in the Dairy aisle at the Shoprite.  That He would bestow such peace, so many simple pleasures on me -- someone who has cursed Him, failed Him, rejected Him over and over -- is such a privilege and a wonder, that I cannot find the words! 

And we're back to that again.  Somehow, I don't think you're going to believe me on that one.

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