Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Wedding Invitation

People don't always see others for what they are.  When I first met my husband, he was full of bitterness and attitude -- MAJOR attitude.  I pegged him for spoiled, demanding, miserable, and intolerant.  I was right.  But what I hadn't seen was a man who loves his children, who struggles to be a man in a society that frowns on authority and strength of character, and a man who'd been betrayed.

When Scott met me, he saw me as beautiful.  Despite my worn out look, my mood swings and my attitude -- MAJOR attitude -- he could look past those things and into my heart.  He saw the mother who loved her children, who struggled to make ends meet, who's fatigue and short answers were merely a symptom of the day to day conflict in which she was engaged.

Scott rescued me.  As God was changing my heart, Scott was changing my circumstances.  He showed me what it meant for a father to love his children; I began to know God as my Father.  He explained things from a man's point of view; I learned to love with God's heart although others are different.  He taught me how a good husband loves his bride; I began to see the love of Christ for His bride, the church -- the body of believers. 

Jeremiah 3:14 -- "I am married unto you."

Imagine, if you will, the groom who waits expectantly at the front of the church for his bride, clothed in spotless white to join him.  To him, she is the most beautiful one on whom he has ever rested his eyes.  To him, she is purity and light.  He has worked just to meet her, and will continue to work to keep her.  He has pulled her up to know just how precious she is to him.  He will cherish her.  He will share her sorrows and joys.  He will protect her.  He will never leave her.  He provides for her.  He shares whatever wealth he has with her.  He will give her a new name -- his own.  Nothing but death will separate him from her. 

The church of Christ is His bride.  But unlike the mortal union that is marriage, death is no wedge between Jesus and His bride.  In heaven, Jesus and His bride will celebrate their blessed bond.  A bond in which the bride and groom have been conformed to one heart.

I see Scott very differently now.  I see him as the one who was not ignorant to my imperfections, but chose to see me with loving eyes.  I see him as a hero to his children and me, and a servant to God.  I see him as the one who's love brought the pages of God's Word to life for me -- a living example of the Husband, Christ.