Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ladies! It Seems We Have Some Growing Up to Do!

So, I've got -- maybe -- two hours to myself.  What am I going to do with them?  The problem is not having nothing to do, the problem is having so much to do.

My husband is the best.  He helps around the house.  He even vacuums way more than I would ever think of vacuuming.  He helps clean up in the kitchen, and never leaves dishes in the sink.  I pre-cook meals throughout the week, but Scott heats them, prepares side dishes if necessary, and makes sure everyone else in the house eats a balanced dinner.  He helps run Christine to her evening activities, and he will pick up odds and ends from the store.  Last week, he even helped put laundry away, but trust me, I'm not looking for that again soon.  The point is, as wonderful as he is, he never seems to have trouble doing nothing when he has the opportunity.  I don't think that makes him a bad person; I just think that makes him a guy.

So, why is it women feel so driven to be everything to everyone, and sometimes push those around us to do the same?

Sarah Jessica Parker's new movie, "I don't Know How She Does It," is supposed to be a funny and charming look at the "superwoman."  I haven't seen it, but from what I hear, she holds it all together (at least on the outside) -- being great mom, ideal wife, fun and sensitive girlfriend, talented career woman, all while rocking a pair of stilettos.  Apparently, not so far off Parker's personal experience.  And women are relating!  I realize there's no surprise there, but why?  Why, if I polled the female population on Sunday morning and asked how many women have ever wrestled with falling short of the Proverbs 13 woman, would almost every hand go up?  If I checked the local elementary school, why would a find a car line of women who workout more than an hour a day, are on perpetual diets, have a copy of some women's health or glamour magazine stashed in the car to read while they wait, have had Botox or boobs or both -- or are saving for them! -- spend more in a month for waxing and filling than their husbands have spent on underwear in the last decade, stash their credit card receipts at the bottom of their D&G handbag, and their purchases behind their son's old crib in the garage?  If I asked around at work would I find any moms who don't feel tired, stressed, angry, or incapable?  Would I find any that know why they feel as they do?

When your eight year old daughter has a thorough knowledge of what it takes to be a popular girl, but can't explain the word "character" to you...  When your six year old daughter says she's fat...  When your twelve year old daughter has a major meltdown because you refused to buy her pants with "PINK" written across her posterior and every other tween and teen in youth group has them...

It's time to find out why we feel so pressured to be perfect, put a stop to it, so we can teach our girls to love who God made them to be!

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