Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Vacation... Day Two

So, last night went to a relaxing, romantic dinner with my husband at one of our favorite restaurants.  It's cozy, casual, and the food is always delicious -- from their regular fare to their fabulous chef's specials.  We've never made the mistake of taking our children there -- even for lunch -- and thereby "breaking the code of silence."  To make things even more wonderful, last night's dinner was discounted by about 50%!  (We'd won the gift card as part of a silent auction.)  Perfect, right?  Now on to this morning.

So the dogs get me up at about half past insane.  Yesterday they'd been kind enough to let me sleep until reasonable o' clock, so I guess I owed them this one.  After we did our backyard bathroom break, with me standing there half-dressed in the darkness, trying to keep my voice down as I beg Belle to come back from the nether regions, I tried to go back to bed.  Oh, the dogs were fine; they settled down snugly against one another.  I started thinking about our DVD collection, and how we really should start thinning it out. 


Yep, these are the sorts of things that keep me up nights -- or mornings.  Very early mornings.

So, after tossing and turning for twenty minutes or so (Alleged experts say you should never toss and turn in your bed longer than 15-20 minutes if you ever want to be able to sleep again, or something.) I decided to get up and make the coffee, and while it was brewing, to maybe check out the DVDs.  Now I'm not saying I was forsaking sleep on my vacation for the sole purpose of reducing our DVD collection (that would be sick) but I figured, as long as I was up...

So after selecting two DVDs, setting aside about six others for the girls to review, and vowing to watch about eight more -- "just to see if they were as good as I remember" -- I moved on to CDs.  (This is truly riveting journalism; is it not?)  I fared much better on the CDs -- at least ten!  maybe eleven!  Although, somebody's bound to snag one or two before they actually make it to Goodwill, and on my next impulsive culling?  There it will be.

Feeling almost no sense of accomplishment left me to wonder how I will spend the rest of my day.  I should be working on my book, but I seem to be no better at doing what should than I am doing what I'm told.  So I came up with some ideas:

- Planking in one of  the fountains at the mall.  Until I remebered they no longer have fountains at our mall.  (What do children now do with their parents loose change?)

- Investigate the loose change thing.

- Text all my friends about the flash mob I have planned in thirty minutes.  Better not.  I have that "other carrier" that leaves you looking completely your the zoo.

- Crash a graduation party in my neighborhood.  This probably won't work either -- I live in the worst performing school district in Pennsylvania; I'm really not sure if they had any graduates this year.  Maybe the school police are having something.  You know, draping the metal detectors with crepe paper, playing Jail-Jail (with a real jail!), popping popcorn with confiscated cell phones.

- Check out all the viral videos I have missed while having a life.  You really can't get enough of laughing babies or pat-a-cake cats.

- Wake Christine and tell her I want oatmeal and toast.  Turn about is fair play, after all.

Or maybe, in one last great demonstration of avoidance, I'll check out the headlines; they're always fun.  Like this one:

"Natalie Portman has a baby boy to go along with her Oscar."  Oh, it's gonna be a good day... 
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