Friday, June 17, 2011

A Heavenly Walk

This morning Tinkerbell discovered a cat and kittens hiding out under one of Scott's trucks.  Tinkerbell loves small animals, but not in the same way I love dark chocolate.  Actually, very much the way I love dark chocolate, now that I think about it -- because I would eat as much dark chocolate as I could before physically becoming ill.  Get the picture? -- these cats were not in a very good place.  And Belle, by nature, is relentless.  Scott was handling the situation when I got home from work -- "handling" as in one cat in a tree, one cat who-knows-where, Tinkerbell pacing and whining like her tail was on fire, and Scott doing everything he could to get her to stop stalking cats, including some pacing and mumbling himself.

I stuck my head out the door and called out, "Tinkerbell, you goin' for a walk?"

Like a flash, Tinkerbell was in the house and headed for her leash.  She's relentless -- that is, until something she desires more comes along.

I've heard pastors say that there would be no tears in heaven (Revelation 7:16-17).  Scripture also points to the fact that those in heaven are aware of activity here on earth (the martyrs, rejoicing in heaven when a sinner repents just to name a few).  I wonder how a mother in heaven could not mourn a son who rejects Jesus and condemns himself, and maybe her grandchildren as well to eternal damnation.  How does a young father, taken so unexpectedly, not cry for the grief and fear of the family he has left behind?

Just a couple of thoughts:

1)  I don't believe going to heaven makes you heartless -- or forgetful.  How else would those in heaven celebrate the repentance of those on earth?  I believe you have to look at the big picture.  Heaven is a marvelous, glorious place, not a place of sorrow and worry like this earth.  Mourning for those lost is not the standard, not is it a full-time occupation.

2)  I also don't think those in heaven "mourn" or cry the same way we do on earth.  We lose sight of Jesus.  We are pressed by Satan; we succomb to temptation, hopelessness and self-pity.  We are human -- imperfect.  Those in heaven know perfection; they are surrounded by it.  There is a time to cry, a time to kill, a time to be silent.  Heaven and those in it operate within that time table.  It is a "righteous" mourning, if you will.

3)  Here, our love for God is not what it should be.  We are sidetracked.  We are busy.  We are angry.  Heaven is pure love, all the time; we will have all of eternity to worship Jesus!  We can sing and dance and act completely ridiculous without exhaustion.  And when that time comes, just like Tinkerbell, pre-occupied by that cat in her yard, we will forsake even the noblest of pursuits, even the most cherished of past-times, even those we love, to walk with God who calls us.  Our love for Him will overwhelm us -- moreso than our love for our own children and spouses (who are God's to do with as He chooses anyway) -- that grief will give way to complete trust and adoration of the Almighty, concern for those we love today will give way to falling into the arms of Jesus and embracing His will.
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