Friday, May 27, 2011

A Year in the Life of a Homeschooler

With another school year under our belts, and books returned to “The Shelf” until I begin preparing for next year in another thirty days or so, I thought I could recap our year for you just a bit.

June 2010: “Yes, Ms. Arthur (our representative at the school district) I really want to work hard next year so I can graduate early – maybe even January!”

July 2010: “Wow, it’s July already? Mom, can I hang out at the pool today?”

August 2010: “Whaddya mean we’re starting school today?! Nobody else is doing school work in August!”

September 2010: “Can’t I just skip math? When am I ever gonna use this stuff anyway?”

October 2010: “Why do they always have to have PSAT’s in the morning?”

November 2010: “How many days do I get off for Thanksgiving?”

December 2010: “How many days do I get off for Christmas?”

January 2011:       CHRISTINE: “Can’t we just take one snow day?"
                                 ME:  "How about a one hour delay?"

February 2011: “Isn’t Valentine’s Day a holiday?”

March 2011: “How many days am I getting off for Spring Break?”

April 2011:       ME: “What are you doing?”
                           CHRISTINE: “Practicing my Greek alphabet.”
                            ME: “You take French.”

May 2011: “What’s a footnote?”

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