Sunday, May 29, 2011

Loving Downpour

"Marvellous lovingkindness." -- Psalm 17:7

Spurgeon says, "It is impossible to doubt the sincerity of [Our Heavenly Father's] charity, for there is a bleeding heart stamped upon the face of all His benefactions.  He giveth liberally and upbraideth not.  Not one hint that we are burdensome to Him; not one cold look for His poor pensioners; but He rejoices in His mercy, and presses us to His bosom while He is pouring out His life for us."

Even the most sacred and generous of earthly relationships -- the love of parent for child, or soulmate for soulmate -- becomes wearisome.  To upbraid means to reprimand harshly.  On our best day we cannot say we give "liberally and upbraideth not."  Without so much as a weary sigh.  Without a thought for the seemingly perpetual needs of others.  Without a look of disbelief or disgust.  Without a harsh word.  Without a cross tone.

 And with sincerity.  How often do we outwardly contribute, but inwardly seethe, or grumble the grumble of the petulant -- forced into obligation? Let our prayer today be that we rejoice in our giving.  We pour out on others the love that Our Saviour has poured out on us, the love Our Lord pours out daily so that we may overflow that love to others --  sincerely, joyfully, liberally, continually!
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