Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hearts In Service; Hearts Served

Last Saturday Scott and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary.  I suppose, maybe when we get up to the ten or twenty-year mark or something, we'll celebrate it in some outlandish or big way.  But for now, we're content to celebrate quietly.  This year it was a couple of godfather's with the girls after a church work day.  Perfect.  Nothing better than spending the day outside -- active, then showering early, filling our bellies, and relaxing for the rest of the evening.  Except...

This wasn't a typical work day.  This was our first with Mount Hope, and its Hearts In Service Ministry.  Admittedly, I was feeling a little guilty -- I had suggested we do this, but couldn't get out of work early as I'd planned.  So, Scott had to go it alone with the girls in the morning.  Did I mention, Madison is not a morning person?  Nevertheless, they did a fabulous job -- packing lunches and plenty of water -- what do they need me for?!

By the time I'd arrived, the group's first job was in full swing.  Scott had, apparently, come up with a plan, passed out some business cards, and divvied up the work.  Was I a little nervous?  You betcha!  Scott can be a little, um, let's say... pushy, bossy, overbearing, demanding.  (Can't imagine why God put us together.)  But, there were no small groups huddling, plotting an overthrow; no flaming effigies hanging from the eaves.  In fact, Scott may be a little coarse, but he's a man's man, and he'll probably not like me telling tales out of school, but he has a real heart for those in need.  He'd already developed a rapport with a few of the guys, and he was actually smiling! 

Prior to this, my experience with service in the church had been limited to childcare, teaching, envelope stuffing, kitchen duty...  This was all new.  But what a blessing!  We met others from the church, had opportunities to talk and work side-by-side.  The folks we "served" were such a blessing to us.  They sat with us during our devotional, laughed and cried with us, met our needs with snacks and water, were ever so grateful -- we were a family.  But it wasn't the work we did for them that was the blessing, it was the work Jesus did in all of us that day, that was the real blessing.

The girls had a great time, running and playing, learning from other "cooler" adults, tending the rubbish fire, building their own friendships, helping load the wheelbarrow until the siren song of childhood called, being spoiled and sugared... 

At home, we agreed it had been the best anniversary ever.  We had done something constructive while spending the day together, had developed relationships with other couples and individuals, had each received personal blessing, and were able to come together at the end of the day and meditate on how good God is to us as a family.  Isn't that what marriage is all about?

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