Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ahaz-ardous Choice (Ugh)

2 Kings 16:10-18
Scott and I are shoppers, collectors.  We love antiques; we love uniques.  One of the shops on South Street makes use of tree branches in such a way we thought it would be an interesting "canopy" in one of our rooms.  A little tulle and some ornamentation later, and Viola!

(This is the original from Mineralistic.)
My thinking is Ahaz was a bit of a collector as well.  He seemed to enjoy collecting bits and pieces of what suited him, and moulding his life around them.  Fine for the family room, but when it comes to worship, God cannot be replaced!  Ahaz was visiting Damascus, saw an altar he really liked, and sent back the specs; it was built by the time he returned home.  As with all new treasures, it assumed a place of prominence in Ahaz's kingdom.  Problem is, Ahaz just eased God's altar right outta there.  God gave specific instructions for how, where, when and on what His people were to worship him.  Ahaz preferred -- well, what Ahaz preferred.  Interestingly enough, while sacrifices were made morning and evening on the new altar, Ahaz chose God's altar as the one on which he preferred to seek guidance.  "There are no atheists in foxholes," they say.  I suppose Ahaz was no different.  When it came down to what really worked, it seems he knew God was the real deal.  Problem was, Ahaz had abandoned God.  The occasional sacrifice on "the right altar" for the sole purpose of gaining the desires of your heart isn't quite the way God has it planned.  God is a jealous God.  He demands an all or nothing kind of relationship.  Wouldn't Ahaz have been so much better off if he'd understood, when you give God your all, nothing can overpower you?  Wouldn't we all?

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