Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who Writes This Stuff?

I am a pathetic author!  The style, the vocabulary, even the dramatic composition are all there; it's the imagination I lack.  I am a realist, or at least I try to be.  That may be my undoing.  When I look at our bank account and see sixteen dollars and seventy-four cents, I know we are not getting thirty dollars worth of gas in Jersey, stopping for coffees, and getting back over the bridge.  Scott, the creative one, believes we are. 
God does not seem to be a realist either -- at least not from a finite, empirical perspective.  But, I only have to look at the faces around me, the morning sky, the colors of the autumn landscape, or fifteen minutes of Mutant Planet, to know that God has an imagination beyond anything I could -- well, imagine.  

Check this one out:  2 Kings 6:8 - 23.  The Israelites are pursued by the Arameans, but God tells Elisha the King of Aram's every move, and Elisha tells his people.  The King of Aram is so bugged by the accuracy of Israel's intel, he thinks he has a spy; his men finger Elisha.  The King of Aram sends men out to capture him.  When Elisha and his servant awaken the next morning, they are surrounded by Arameans.  Elisha calms his panicked servant, saying -- and I gotta be honest, his words give me goosebumps -- "Those who are with us, are more than those who are with them."  And just so there's no doubt what he meant, Elisha prays for God to "open the eyes" of the servant.  Suddenly, the servant "sees" for the first time, an entire legion of fiery horses and flaming chariots lining the hills around the city.  Whoa!  (No pun intended)  Not townspeople or Israelites to the rescue -- God's army.  As the Arameans approach, God blinds them, Elisha deceives them, and the army of Aram finds itself smack dab in the clutches of Israel.  They are not harmed -- they are a better testimony alive, well fed, and sent back to the King of Aram with an incredible tale to tell -- or not; perhaps marching right into enemy territory would be kinda tough to explain.

Wow!  I mean, story telling -- story writing -- aside.  What does that say about faith?  Imagine the faith of Elisha.  Imagine what God could do with some of the simple things I refuse to give him; things I would rather worry about or try to fix myself; I can't imagine what God could do with some of the really messed up things I get myself into.  Imagine a blazing army standing around me when I am most afraid, or a figure in white sitting beside me, speaking the words I write.  His imagination and might are limitless!  He is not bound by science, or physics.  He does not work within parameters we determine.  He sets the standard, He is the standard, and our faith in Him gives us access to it all!

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