Sunday, April 17, 2011

Uh, no. That's with a Capital 'G'

On what are you basing your confidence?

I just watched a video of Christine Caine at The Global Leadership Conference 2010.  Throughout her presentation she reminds us we are on the winning side; we operate from a lineage, a platform, a promise of victory.  How often do we think of it that way?

Hezekiah knew.  Without the NIV, without the "Left Behind" series, without Christian radio -- Hezekiah knew.  Yet here we are, with "Christianity" permeating our lives if we so choose, and we can't see beyond the rent is due.

He's God.  Step out.  Risks aren't risks when God is in charge!  Claim that power, claim that energy, claim that courage and promise.  He's God -- and He is the winning side!
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