Friday, April 1, 2011

Re-Re-Re-Redemption... That's How Jesus Rolls

I haven't been feeling well lately.  So, in my PJ's on the sofa, going stir crazy, I discovered the mind-numbing entertainment of television -- specifically, Stories of the ER, or some such dramatic nonsense.  In today's episode: even after numerous panicked trips to the ER (hence the name, I suppose) a pastor was having serious heart problems, for no apparent reason.  A member of his congregation approached him about doing a sleep study; long story short, the pastor's problems stemmed from sleep apnea.  The pastor credited his friend and congregant with "literally saving [his] life."

What tremendous gratitude this pastor and his wife must feel toward the other man.  Let's face it, this was huge -- a reprieve from certain, maybe even painful death, an escape from the clutches of mortal ends.  But now what?

Let's suppose next month the pastor is diagnosed with inoperable cancer.  Will his redeemer be able to offer another suggestion or service to save him from death?  Let's say he does.  Thirty years later, when the pastor is well into the end of his years, will that congregant be standing by to pull him from the fate that awaits all temporal beings?  Or maybe he could just stick around to make sure the pastor doesn't break a hip, or catch a cold.  Nope.  Let's face it.  The redemption is done, the deed is over.  For as much as we can do for one another, we can never accomplish what Jesus accomplished on the cross.  Nor, can we offer anyone the daily, hourly, moment-by-moment salvation that is part of a personal relationship with Jesus.  Knowing Jesus not only saves me from eternal death and separation, but if I am following Jesus, obeying Him, seeking to glorify Him -- well, perhaps I will never know exactly what I have been saved from, be it physical or moral, emotional or financial.  But I do know that, like no other, He is with me with every beat of my heart.

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