Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Not Always the Thought that Counts

I was just admiring how my husband's brain works.  Just a little background here -- when I first met Scott he was, let's say, a little rough around the edges.  (Some say "scary")  His lifestyle was more conducive to murder-suicide than growth and development.  He still remains high-strung, but it is tempered with much happier, healthier choices; I choose to believe he is using his powers for good instead of evil. 

For example, one day I was admiring a couple of wooden dog crates.  Scott said, "I can build them."  Three prototypes later (Bishop kept eating his way out) and an entire wall unit dedicated to canine comfort and storage...

...we have personalized dog crates that Ethan Allen would envy.

The other day we dabbled in a discussion about "assisted reproductive technology," provoked by th issue of Social Security benefits for children conceived after a parent's death.  Scott casually tossed about euphemisms such as "Fast Freddie" and "Johnny Appleseed" to describe the paternal winner in the race to conception.  We wound up on opposite sides of the argument, as we usually do, but it's never dull, and it's never personal.

But what caught my attention today was his prayer.  The simplicity of it all, the submission, the love and care that went into each thought -- a man praying for the will of One Whom he wishes to honor and glorify, asking God Almighty's blessing on his family as specifically as if he were filling out a written request, admitting his inadequacies but approaching the King of Kings with the confidence and familiarity of a child curling up on his father's lap.

We often joke that, left to its own devices, Scott's mind can be a very dangerous place.  I guess it's a good thing Someone Else has control of his heart!
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