Sunday, March 6, 2011

Would Somebody Come Get This Clown?

Can someone explain to me how a guy in make-up, a wig and grossly oversized bowling shoes represents unhealthy food choices for children?  Does this mean a fat guy in a red suit trimmed with white fur represents the senseless slaughter of seals?  Or maybe a slick-looking guy in a business suit, sitting in a seat in the House of Representatives represents greed? sloth? lust?  OK, strike that last one.

Anyone care to tell me when advertisers are going to stop giving people excuses for their -- let's not be PC about this -- sin, negligence, ignorance, laziness, greed,  feel free to insert your own offense here?  I guess when it stops being a cash cow.  Oh cow.  Beef.  I could go for a burger.

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