Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Secret of Success

Them that honor me I will honor. (I Samuel 2:30)

If I do not honor God, He will not honor me -- I get it.  But try this one on for size:

If I seek to honor others, God will not honor me.

When life is uncertain, or I become fearful of new undertakings, I turn to Jesus.  But what about when I'm on the other side of it?  When things begin to really take off?  Do I trust in Whom my victory lies, or do I claim it for myself, seeking out bigger and better success, feeding a voracious ego?  Does the approval of mankind eclipse my goal to glorify and honor God?  You cannot give Him all that you are, then take it back, and expect real blessing.  God is great, The Giver of good gifts, but He's not a doormat; He is righteous and just, and there's no fooling Him.  You can't say, "I'll trust Him with this until..."  He knows what's in our hearts; He knows when we relinquish some things and not others.  He'll allow you the fleeting accolades, the errant advice, the myopic perspective and the self-centered counsel of mankind.  But when we walk with Him and seek to glorify His name, He ensures success; we are partners and heirs, entitled to receive the limitless power, the faultless discretion, the perfect plan and direction of God Almighty!
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