Friday, March 11, 2011

Granite Run Mall Goes Green!!

Oh, this is not your ordinary Reduce, Reuse, Reycle program!  I am amazed at the participation!

Reduce -- Young girls are working diligently to reduce the amount of material it takes to clothe the public; in just a few short years, we won't need any silk caterpillars or cotton fields at all!  We witnessed one young man so inspired, he must have decided to do his part right on the spot!  When we encountered him, he'd almost completely removed his pants down to his boxers!  What a global conscience!

Reuse -- Young women are taking the lead on this as well.  Shower caps are now doing double duty in the shower and as fashionable headwear at the mall!  Stylish.

Recycle -- As we walked into the mall, we noticed, in one of the decorative planters, a PA Drivers' Manual -- no doubt left by some disenfranchised examinee from the PennDOT center across the lot.  As we left about two hours later, a young man exiting ahead of us spotted it in the planter and considered it only for a split second before removing it to its new place in his backpack!

So c'mon, these folks have proven it can be done!  Wear your PJ's as outerwear, your slippers as shoes!  Retrieve that Auntie Anne's pretzel from the garbage -- it's right on top anyway!  There are countless of creative ways we can reduce our carbon footprint!  Let's hear your suggestions.

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