Saturday, February 19, 2011

Soundbites and Axioms from the Past 48 Hours

If you see a line, get in it.  Apparently, this is a good thing, because they might be giving something away... or you might be at the post office.

"But,I'm not socializing during class; I'm just talking!"  Apparently, to a 10-year old, socializing involves cocktails and cigarette holders -- and that just doesn't happen 'til 7th grade.

"Can I throw a party with fake alcohol to see how many people will act wasted?"  Wow.  The mom in me says "no," but the scientist in me says, "Would we actually need a mole to get the ball rolling?  Say, someone who walks around saying, 'Man, those drinks are so good, you don't even feel it 'til you get up!'"

You can "poke" someone too many times on Facebook.

A genuine "You make my day fun and bright," is ten times better than a routine "I love you."

"Man, Nan, you ate some of everything except the pierogies!"  "That's because I didn't see them."

"Hi, Mom!" said by a 20-year old I haven't seen in over a year! :-)

After a five minute lecture on boredom, and whining because we're bored, and being bored because no one will play with us... "You can't depend on others to make you happy.  What will you do when you're on your own and you have no one but you to make you smile?"  "Get a cat?"  I try, God knows I try.
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