Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shhh... I've Got a Secret

I think we all harbor deep dark secrets, and of all the world, I think Christians are the worst for it.  We think or do things that, if confessed aloud, we fear, will make others think we have doubts about our faith or about who God is.  "Maybe we really don't love Him," we agonize.  That kind of misguided thinking can leave serious questions unanswered and, worst case scenario, can snowball into a big, wide open door for Satan to waltz through and really install some doubts about God, salvation, eternal life -- whatever!

Here's mine -- maybe silly, maybe sort of childish (kind of like the first time you realized Santa Claus couldn't possibly fit all that stuff in his sleigh, or make all those stops in one night):

I don't like gold - at all - and I'm not too fond of pearls.  That's it.  Silly really, but when I'm struggling with what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my eternity, it's a big deal!  Besides, eternity?  Do you have any idea how long that is? No.  Neither do I, but sometimes I'm just so tired.  Will I ever get a break?  Can't heaven be lying in fresh green grass, by the side of a clear running brook, reading a book or looking at clouds, and smelling the dark, rich soil?  How can I be sure I even want to live in Heaven?  I mean, I want to be with Jesus -- safe, laughing, joy bursting from my heart, giving all I have to worship Him.  But forever?  All the time?  Time?  There isn't even any time; it just goes on, and on, and on...

OK, before I work myself into an all-out panic, here it is:  Trust.  Finite vs. Infinite.  I don't want to think about it; I refuse to think about it.  I must know, I must trust that what God has planned for eternity is perfect.  This life here has certainly prepared me for that -- moments when I've thought my life would never be happy again, people I've thought I could never forgive, open doors that I reluctantly -- very reluctantly passed through.  And Scott.  Scott has taught me trust.  He has this incredible, visionary mind that sees things before they are; he is a designer.  God is the ultimate Designer!  If He has designed Heaven just for me, how can it be anything less than wonderful!  So, I trust.  I know that my finite mind cannot grasp the beauty and fulfillment of eternity, and I trust.

What are your secrets?  Confess them today.  God is full of answers!   

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