Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How's that for High Drama?

My post high school days were spent as a soap opera junkie. Hours of mind-melting drivel. And if I missed?! No DVR, no Hulu! Who knew what manner of ruin would befall Luke and Laura without their most loyal viewer to gasp, sigh, and vociferously divulge the next phase of Frank Smith’s evil plot? Thankfully, I was able to break free from that addiction years ago, but I suppose the adrenalin junkie in me still enjoys living vicariously in the characters I read – Mitch Rapp, Painter Crowe, Myron Bolitar, Jane Kelly – and Jacob. That’s right, the Jacob, grandson of Abraham, and spoiled, deceitful birthright “thief.”

I am currently reading the book of Genesis and, in the name of fairness, I shouldn’t just finger Jacob for deception and intrigue – it’s that whole Israelite bunch! In only thirty chapters I have encountered no fewer than twenty blatant examples of thievery, premeditated and intentional entrapment, trickery, revenge, fraud, murder, drunken incest – you name it! How can a God who is so repulsed by sin even think of blessing such a people? These were the generations upon whom He was to establish His nation; these were His Chosen!

Truly, I am His Chosen. I am as conniving and murderous as they come. From the womb I have never been more than a self-centered, demanding, plotting villain. From the cross I am as pure as the driven snow. I am ransomed; I am purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ – He knows, He’s the only One who would want me, could make anything of me. Though I sit here reading, judging, thanking God I am “not as bad as they,” in my heart of hearts I know that without Jesus, I am worse. I have generations of weaponry, lies and cruelty from which to draw; I have technology at my disposal that would allow me to slander, ruin and steal in ways Isaac and his sons would never have dreamt. But I am no less His Chosen; I am no less made a saint. My God, the God of the Israelites is repulsed by sin, this is true, but He is not repulsed by me. He has the power to take trash – worse than trash – and turn it into eternal treasure; He has for me the love which motivates Him to, in His grace, extend such a privilege to me.
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