Saturday, January 8, 2011

Who in the World is Phylicia Barnes?

It makes my skin crawl to hear someone say, “She only got the job because she’s white,” or “Watch how she grips her purse a little more tightly because those boys are black.”  I hate being accused of racism simply because I am white – isn’t that racism?  But I’d be foolish to say racism does not exist.  Personally, I think Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are two of the biggest racists I’ve ever heard.  They propagate hate speech like maggots and flies, fanning the flames of bigotry and dissention rather than actively stomping them out; they wear their color like a badge of dishonor and shame, pointing the finger at others for injustice rather than standing boldly with strength and self-respect as so many others did during the Civil Rights Movement.  So, for me to hear someone say, “This case goes unsolved because the victim is black,” only stirs in me the same dismissal and annoyance I feel when I hear Sharpton and Jackson sing their slimy tune.  However…

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