Monday, January 17, 2011

A Priceless Lesson -- For Only Forty Bucks!

"One-o-Five," the teller mumbled under her breath. 

"One-o-five?" I thought, "I know it can't come to more than sixty-five or so."  I recalculated in my head as she handed me the envelope.  A quick glance told me there was more than sixty-five.  "If I don't actually look in the envelope, do I get a pass?" I wondered.

I walked out of the bank thinking how I could have used an extra forty bucks, wondering if they could have ever traced it back to my account and sadly, not feeling the least bit haughty about handing the extra cash back; I was too busy feeling crappy about considering the deception in the first place.

Why would I think of it?  God knows I heard her mumble.  God knows I glanced at least four twenties when she handed me that envelope.  Why would I worry about "man's" consequences before God's?  Why would I fear some sort of "financial karma" from God before I just simply sought to please Him?

Because I am human.  Because I am sinful.  Because my good deeds will never "earn" me a place at God's side, a blessing, another year of marriage, another dime, a healthy child...  Because God gives us the conviction of the Holy Spirit - in many different ways - out of love and understanding, out of His knowledge of who we are and who He is growing us to be.  Because I would place as many "reality checks" as I could in the paths of my children to keep them from erring, not because I fear their disobedience signals a lack of love for me, but because I love them.
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