Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy to Be "Second Best"

So Westboro is at it again, huh?  Disgraceful.  Now they are planning to protest the funeral of the nine year old victim of the Arizona shootings. My mind raced as I searched for more information, speculating how they would twist this poor child's death into divine retribution.  Oh, now I see.  She's Catholic.  How could I have missed that?  We all know, "God hates Catholics!" 

I wonder.  How, exactly, does one become a naturally born Christian -- not born again, but born -- obviously these folks have never been lost a day in their lives.  God hates fags, God hates Catholics, God hates soldiers.  God hates everyone the Westboro congregation feels disobeys Scripture.  If that is truly the case, why does God soften the hearts of the wicked?  Why does God speak to us, growing in us a desire to know Him through His Only Son, Jesus, sent by Him to redeem us?  Why one earth would God do that for a bunch of despised degenerates?  The Westboro congregation must have been born Christians the first time, right?  Had they simply been lost, or sinful, or wayward like the rest of the world, God would have hated them as well, and certainly wouldn't have wasted a drop of His Only Son's blood, on any one of them.

Well, maybe I wasn't born right the first time either, but if Westboro Baptist (and I use the name very loosely) is the result, I'm happy to have been part of Round 2!

P.S.  Pray for these folks!  They need our prayers and God's love, in spite of their hate.
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