Saturday, December 25, 2010

To: You, From: God

Shopping, wrapping, adding to my list, then doing it all over again, and again, and again. It’s all over now, for the most part, but what is this stress and anxiety we go through over the Christmas season and its gifting tradition? Are we truly trying to find the perfect gift for those we love, or trying to maintain – or worse, exceed – a standard? And what do we do when we encounter the recipient who’s reaction to the gift we overspent on and stressed over, is to say the least, flat. Are we indignant? Do we hurt? Maybe even vow to never put ourselves through that again? “At least not for her!” Imagine if he, or she, never even opened the gift, merely tossed it aside with no indication they were even “saving it for later?” Indifference, disregard for whatever effort we put forth, nothing for us in return.

Two thousand years ago God gave His Gift to us as freely as He gives it today. He has not withdrawn it based on our indifference, or procrastination, or rejection, or even hatred of it. He does not gauge His deeds based on reciprocation or reception. He does not give or retract based on our politics, or social standards, or self-worth, or efforts. He gives because of Love, His Love, Perfect Love for each one of us.

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