Sunday, November 28, 2010

But for the Grace of God

The holidays are here – nothing like stating the obvious.  Perhaps it is just the giving of thanks or the “good will toward men,” but I have been deeply moved by the level to which my family and I are blessed.  Daily Bible reading and prayer have changed my life, as well – who I am and what I wish to become, my perspective on everything -- from dealing with those with whom I rather not, to dealing with those ugly sides of me I didn’t even acknowledge just a short time ago.  Seeing those without jobs, without homes, who only months ago set their alarm clocks, pulled clothes from their closets, grabbed their morning coffee and headed out to work, unaware of  how things would be today – those with mouths to feed, just like me.  Watching movies like “Ghandi” and “Sarafina,” for Christine’s study of World Cultures; realizing just how pampered and ungrateful we, as a nation are (a condition which has left many of us numb and, comfortably, ignorant).  Looking back to a spoiled little girl who jacked up much of everything she touched during her teens and twenties (and a sizable portion of her thirties) strictly because of her self-indulgent, bitter sense of entitlement. 

None of us is guaranteed good health, or good parents, or tasty food, or even a roof over our heads – so isn’t it about time we stop acting like we are, realize the level of blessing most of us enjoy, wake up to the impermanence and frailty of it all, see the beauty in simplicity and help one another out?  Why stand in judgment of those who are in need?  Why turn a blind eye or deaf ear to those who work tirelessly to change things?  Why continue living in arrogance and entitlement, as if any part of our existence is earned, pledged or deserved?   

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