Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dual Avicide via Uni-Lapidation (or Killing Two Birds with One Stone)

Wow!  I never thought it'd be almost a month between posts, but it's been crazy -- both bad-crazy and good-crazy!  I even joined a Christian writers' group in my area -- stoked on the idea of pursuing this writing career thing.  As usual, life interfered.  I haven't made one "meeting," and haven't been on the website more than twice since I joined.  My "Reading Journal" -- a list of all the books as I read them, some comments or residual emotions -- which I kept so faithfully, sits untouched in a "Documents" file somewhere.  It's just as well, I guess.  My reading has been reduced to doctor's office magazines and high school textbooks.  My "Personal Journal" receives an entry about once every six weeks, or so.  The irony of that is, that with so much stuff going on, now is the perfect time to be documenting it all!  Hence, this post.  If you will indulge me in my attempt to kill two birds with one stone...

A Grocery List:  Do they ever stop eating?! 

Open Windows: 47 degrees by night, and 72 degrees by day -- little to no humidity! This is the weather that summons us to fall festivals and local farms, South Street and parks, demanding we enjoy every passing moment of it, rather than attend meetings, dust, write in journals or read books!

A Sewing Box: Cooler weather, of course, brings the need for longer pants. Longer pants mean hems, particularly for those in the house with chunky little legs like me! At this point, two pairs of jeans still await; after that third trip to the mall I have to squeeze in at some point, there'll be a few more to lie in queue.

Therapy Bands:  Those colorful, stretchy bands that make it so easy to do the exercises prescribed by the physical therapist, and wind up staring at you from the eye hooks you asked your husband to screw in to every piece of 1x3 in the laundry room.

Vitamins: I hate taking them; I forget to take them. The results of my upcoming tests depend on them. My family depends on me to take them. I love my family, without a doubt, but I am sometimes afraid.

Legal Letters:  Reminders my oldest is still struggling, I miss him, I long for him and I fear for him.  Reminders that a chapter of my husband's life is nearing its end, a new one is about to begin, and I am scared.  Reminders that others need my help even when I am sick or tired,  when I don't have all the answers, or I am afraid of the answers.

My Office:  Bills to be paid, words to be written, lessons to be taught and planned, cleaning to be done, and a husband who loves me enough to give me my own place to do so!  I read my Bible here, I pray here, and I grow closer to my Savior and those who love me, here.  It is here, in the presence of my God my fears are relieved. I am blessed!
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