Sunday, July 11, 2010

Upstaging a Boycott

Apparently there is an e-mail circulating regarding NBC's "Today Show," and it's decision to allow a same-sex couple to enter their annual (?) wedding contest.  The e-mail requests, I guess, anyone opposed to same-sex marriages or concerned for the traditional family unit to boycott, not only these episodes, not only the Today Show, but all NBC programming.  Let me just say, I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have even seen the Today Show (outside of the 15 minutes waiting for the Dental Assistant to call me to the chair -- those heathens at the dental office watch the Today Show, you know).  So, I guess, by default, you can add me to the list of boycotters, however, it almost makes we want to watch just to prove how ridiculous and trifling I think this whole campaign is.

First of all, I never understood the "boycott" concept when it came to television.  Oh, I get the whole thing about sponsors and such, but isn't TV largely a secular industry to begin with?  That's like heading to the local bar and protesting the use of profanity!  Why do we insist on expecting "The World" to act like Christians?  This IS NOT an all-Christian nation -- hasn't been for years; it may have been founded that way, but we gave it up!  We stopped evangelizing, we stopped supporting our churches faithfully, we got wrapped up in our own quarrels and nonsense and splits, whatever -- we lost it

Besides, doesn't each television set come equipped with an On/ Off switch?  You select the things you want to watch, and fore go the things you don't.  When was the last time anyone boycotted Target because they sell revealing swimsuits on the rack next to modest one-piece suits?  If you don't approve television at all, the local Rec center would love to have your donation.  If we're "taking back control of our country" why don't we start with our own homes?  Christian Book Distributors has a great selection of DVD's on the life of Christ and the Apostles to watch with our children.

Add to it, this is the boycott of an entire network!  You mean to tell me that everything available on this network is worthless?  So, if there was a show you watched every week that instilled family values, that provided wholesome enjoyment -- "That's it!  Pull the plug!  No more "____" for us; NBC is showing gays on another program, in another time slot."  As many splits as the Christian church has regarding the language of the Bible, ways to serve Communion or perform Baptism, you meant to tell me you agree with every word that comes from your pastor's mouth?  A local Christian radio station has a wonderful talk show on Saturday morning; I listen faithfully even though I do not agree with everything the pastor says.  When that show concludes another program about "health products" begins.  Some of these products I believe, are nothing more than snake oil, and I choose not to listen; I tune to a different station, simple as that.  Do we boycott entire stations or churches because a sermon or hymn supports capital punishment? or supports Republican ideology?  If boycotting all of NBC makes perfect sense to you, why were you watching it in the first place?

Lastly, the homosexuality issue.  I spent years of my life as a legalist.  I didn't know it; I never saw it even though the Bible clearly speaks against it.  Praise God, He has brought me to a point where I see it.  I still have a repulsive tendency to be arrogant and judgemental.  Those sins make me hate my human nature, but they still exist within me; I struggle with them daily.  I am not perfect and know I will never be until I leave this earth and abide with my Heavenly Father in Glory.  Every time I find myself bitter and angry with judgement I long for the perfection of Glory; my bitterness makes me sick of myself.  I know, however it is God's timing and God's "show."  He is working in my life in a multitude of ways, but rarely the ways I desire at the speed I wish he would.  For that, I say, "Thanks be to a Sovereign God."  But I see my sin and pray daily for His Spirit to work within me.  I know that means I am on my way to healing though, because that's what happened with the "legalism thing."  Did I love God?  Yes.  Did I want to serve Him?  Yes.  But my legalism was getting in the way.  God revealed that to me.  That didn't necessarily mean He took it from me overnight.  Time and time again, my little "legalism alarm" went off when I was saying or doing something with anyone other than God as my first purpose.  Gradually it became -- is becoming -- second nature.  A work in progress.  I don't believe being gay is OK in God's eyes.  Then again, neither is being arrogant and judgemental.  I don't think God sees my sin as any worse or better than the sins of others.  The World wears its sins in the open; we wear ours under the cloak of God's righteousness. But we are all sinners whether we accept God's forgiveness or not. I don't believe it's my job to say, "He/ she should be completely 'healed of' or 'released from' this sin because they call themselves a Christian."  If we were all called by the names of our sins, if our sins were laid out in the open, obvious to all, wouldn't we be boycotting everyone?  Why do families crumble when someone gets outed, but Uncle Ray who cooked the books at his firm still gets a place at the table on Thanksgiving?  Does someone want to boycott Broken To Breathless because I struggle with sins of arrogance and self-righteousness?  Maybe they could boycott all of Blogger? the Internet? PC's?  If you decide not to watch something, shouldn't it be your choice, because you don't want those values in your home?

Will I be watching? Nope, but I wouldn't have been watching anyway. Will I boycott? Maybe I already am, but only by default. What network does "Cold Case" come on?
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