Saturday, July 17, 2010

Passing It On

I think most couples would agree with me when I say that having children makes you appreciate the times you are alone with your spouse.  I'm not sure I would as completely enjoy the nuances of our life if we didn't spend at least some time losing track of one another.  For instance, within the routine of life, particularly during the busy school year, I forget to stop and notice just how handsome my husband is.  When I'm sitting there watching him, enjoying a quiet dinner just as I did in our "dating" days, it all comes back to me.  Likewise, the love my husband and I share makes us appreciate our children.  As much as we love being "honeymooners" again, knowing the children will be home soon, our home will be full of noise and activity, and we will have others with whom to share our happiness and on whom to shower an abundance of love cultivated during our time "alone," makes us dizzy with anticipation.

Our lives in Christ need not be any different.  Christ has such a love for us, He shares it with us over and over, day after day.  We should make our quiet time, our time alone with Him, of such caliber and priority that we are overflowing with love and excitement to share His love and our story with others.  When was the last time you felt that eager to share Christ's love with others?
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