Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Party's Over

Scott and I have just spent the last three and a half days together as a couple.  Just us.  We talked and laughed like we rarely have opportunity to do.  We stressed over...nothing.  We went to the most remote areas of the park with no one asking us to hike a mile and a half to the nearest bathroom because they "really have to go -- now!"  We watched movies that were unsuitable for those under the age of 17, we ate lots of things that were good for us, got plenty of rest and ran with scissors.  It was "Lord of the Flies: The Middle Aged Edition."

In a few short hours, anarchy will be a distant memory and children will descend upon our home like locusts in Egypt.  Their conduct will resemble that of children who have ingested cotton candy laced with Pixie Stix and chased it with a Big Gulp of Mountain Dew; they will be intoxicated with the anticipation of three days at the shore.  (The electronics world has not yet come up with a breathalyzer to measure this, but I can assure you the reading will be over whatever legal limit they eventually prove dangerous -- to parents.)  They will ask more questions than we are prepared to answer.  They will want to pack immediately, leave immediately, and arrive immediately despite our reservation two days from now. 

**Scott has just come in with an update -- 5 hours, 9 minutes, and 45 seconds 'til "go time."**

Well, looks like time is ticking.  I'd better rock!  Besides, I've gotta get packing myself -- truth is, the party's just getting started!
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