Monday, May 17, 2010

Instructions for Life -- Part Deux

Romans 12, an amazing, sort of sums-it-all-up instruction book in itself.  Not to single out one particular passage of Scripture and say, "This is it," but so much is covered, so succinctly and with such a timeless application.

Self-Esteem:  Know anyone with self-esteem issues?  Yeah, welcome to the 21st century.  It seems everyone has some sort of self-esteem issue -- "I'm not pretty enough, or thin enough." or maybe they over compensate -- "How fabulous am I?" or those who simply drop out, disengage, or disappear -- maybe not in the physical sense, but influential, valuable voices silenced by insecurity or low self-esteem.  Knowing that we were created by a loving God, who designed us specifically for the journey ahead, who has a plan for each one of us, who loves us enough to hold us accountable, who has our backs when we walk with Him, who will lead and guide us if we only ask, who expects us to treat ourselves with respect because, to quote an old saying: "God doesn't make junk" -- that's what verses 1 and 2 are all about!  And, sadly, that's what The Big Bang and Evolution have removed from the minds of school-aged children in the past forty years.

Valuing Diversity:  A nasty catch phrase among conservative Christians, and an anything-goes ideal for Liberals; we are a nation of extremists.  Verses 3-8 talk about valuing the gifts God has given us ALL.  I cannot relate to artistic types, I am crossword puzzles and Sudoku -- tangibles, definites.  The concept of "infinity" or "undefined" in algebra is maddening to me -- a complete sell-out.  However, I love art, and my music collection is nothing if not eclectic.  Art and music make this world livable, and I envy those who are awakened in the middle of the night by a song in their head, or those who paint things we cannot see.  This is not about loving only those things that come wrapped in a suit and tie, or arrive promptly at 7, or live only as we live and dress only as we dress.  Likewise, it is not an open door policy for every perversion, desire or "form of expression" that appears on a Lil Wayne album cover.  If we recognize God as the Creator, we must recognize the gifts He gives, the folks to which He gave them, and value them as we value Him.

Tomorrow:  Romans 12:9, 10
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