Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goin' to the Dogs

Now it's not very often a sick dog proves to be a life lesson (unless you're reading Prov. 26:11) but unmistakable is the gurgling and heaving of a vomitting dog at 4 AM, and today my Bishop was "I want my mommy" sick.  He refused to go back to his bed, and spent the rest of the morning on a beach towel on the floor along my side of the bed.  Daylight brought another round of hurling, but eventually the antagonist was discovered.  My Moosey-Moose, as he is affectionately known, had eaten a sizeable portion of a rubber chew toy -- months ago!  This thing has been sitting in his belly for months, taking up space, wreaking havoc on his digestive system with no outward indications whatsoever!  It could have caused a fatal obstruction; it could have supressed his appetite to the point he stopped eating.  Praise God something triggered his body to eliminate it.

The Holy Spirit is a living trigger in the lives of those who know Jesus as Lord and Savior.  In fact, it is the Spirit that works in our hearts to draw us to the Savior and surrender all to Him.  The Holy Spirit can be that gnawing little voice that tells us our abundance comes directly from our Father and leads us to charity toward others.  The Spirit can strike us with prophetic words and power that produces healing, or unbridled exhuberance in our Lord's name.  Something, in this case the Holy Ghost, leads us in service to the Savior, and like Bishop, we will have no peace until the deed has been completed -- until the hungry are fed, the sin is surrendered, the Message is shared.

As a believer, I become "I want my Father" sick, with the Spirit drawing me to rest with Him and eliminate all those things that can defile me or make me spiritually ill.  The Holy Spirit is working in my life every day. I am convicted when I hurry through my quiet time with God in order to "get to work" on other things.  I am overjoyed at a $3.00 rebate on glass cleaner and anxiously put it in our charitable fund.  I seek to allow the Spirit to guide me when I write, even if it is just about dogs and grocery shopping.  I know it's the Holy Spirit, because without these "triggers" I know what type of person I would be and what types of things I would or would not be doing.  And those little things that never seemed to bother me before, but were slowly eating away at my spiritual well-being?  The Holy Ghost sees them and moves me to rid my life of them before they cause spiritual death.

By God's grace, Bishop will live to bark another day; by God's grace I will live to serve.
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