Sunday, March 7, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Sadly, a month has gone by since I have posted -- a death sentence for a blog hoping to maintain its popular status.  Thankfully, barely anyone reads my blog!  I even had a friend tell me, "If I read your blog, then I will have to read the blogs of my other friends, and I just don't have time for that!"  Hey, thanks for the support!  My brother refuses to read my blog because he is angry with me over family issues -- even took himself off my "Followers" list; I don't know whether my sister-in-law is currently part of that boycott as well.  I've given my blog address out to many people, most of which have never commented one way or the other; I am assuming they have not read it either.

All this to say, upon Blogger's forcing us to publish under "Custom Domains" I seriously considered quitting.  I whined, "But I don't understand all this computer crap; why do they have to change it?"  I even copied all of my past postings to a file I could reference, if needed, sometime in the future when I became a "real writer."  Can't you just smell the self-pity?  I used this year's unprecedented snowfall as the perfect excuse to snuggle up next to my husband and best friend, with my oldest friends, books.  Time after time I sat down at my desk, only to find myself reading chapter after chapter of the Bible or hopping from one news website to a dozen others.  Not a totally awful thing, but "a time for everything," and all that.

This morning, I took the plunge and purchased a "Custom Domain."  I still don't understand "all this computer crap," but I know I love to write, and blogging kept me doing just that.  Even as I spent the past month reading, I couldn't help the ideas that popped up like robins in spring -- there they suddenly were, and I had no idea where they'd come from or where they'd been hiding!  Somehow even my dreams seemed to "take it up a notch," assuming this creative, vibrant quality I'd never experienced before.  And words?  Sentences?  I can't resist when I hear, in my head, a beautiful composition of words, woven and dovetailed like they were part of each other -- notes in a symphony -- I reread them over and over.  I can't escape my love for the written word.  So here it first blog under my new domain  I even chose my own name to overcompensate for the pity party raging in my soul the last few weeks.  I hope you enjoy reading Broken To Breathless as much as I enjoy writing it...

...that is, if you're out there.
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