Sunday, January 24, 2010

Truer Words Were Never Spoken

In doing my morning devotions today, I came across this little verse at the end of Matthew 6.  Truth be told, it wasn't even the entire verse, but these eight little words:

"Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."

Is this what I think it is?  "You've got your plate full without worrying about that?"  or "Don't worry about that; take care of this right now?"  How did I not see this before? 

First, I had to ask myself, "Is this really in the Bible?"  Instinctively I wanted to gravitate toward a more likely explanation -- like I had inadvertantly picked up a copy of "Mom's Maxims for 2010." 

Secondly, I checked commentaries, other versions, just to make sure this was really telling me what I thought it was telling me -- "Handle what I give you today."

Lastly, I wrote it down.  You might have thought this was the first time I'd ever picked up "The Good Book," or laid eyes on Matthew 6:34.  I'm sure I had read it at least a dozen times, maybe even memorized it in Sunday School or grade school, but it spoke to me as if new.  I'd heard these words, or some variation, so many times from my mother, and even said them myself, but this was revelation. 

To think that folks say the Bible is "out of date" or "irrelevant" for this day and age...  Our entire economy seems dependent upon fear.  Seatbelts, helmets, GPS devices, warning labels, drugs for anxiety...  I'm not saying all of these things are evil, but developers make millions of dollars every year working on the answers to "What if I get lost?" or "What if my child gets sick?" or "What's going to happen if...?"  I am a history nut, and I can't help but wonder sometimes what our ancestors would say to all of our hand sanitizers and 5-point safety harnesses.  Perhaps they had a much better relationship with tragedy and mortality, and were a lot less self-reliant than we are today.  Perhaps, like Matthew 6:34 commands, they were much more willing to admit they didn't know all the answers, and to leave tomorrow in the Hands of the One Who does. What would happen in today's society if prayer replaced worry? or faith replaced fear?  What would happen in my life?    
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