Friday, January 22, 2010


I left work this morning, feeling the pressures of a busy day ahead.  But I am blessed, beacuse I have children to pick up, a paycheck to deposit in the bank, a house to clean and dogs to walk.

I got to the gas station only to find the price of gas had gone up -- again!  But I am blessed, because that means the weekend must be here!

God is constantly reminding me that He is in control and I am not alone.  Even in the "simple things," I never need to fear, or worry, or guess.

Right now is a season of drama in our lives.  Our hearts are breaking; we have no idea why things happen as they do.  We have been hurt; those who should be supporting us are against us, and our hands are effectively tied.  We have no choice but to pray, obey, and wait -- a most difficult course of action for independent, headstrong, take-charge folks like us.  But...

... we are blessed!  God is continually working to make me strong, bend me to His Will, condition me to seek His Refuge, and draw me closer to Him in everything I do.  He is bringing me to His Throne constantly, compelling me to surrender to His Wisdom and Counsel; the love He has for me is staggering.  I can, and do share my story with others -- to God's glory.  I encourage my husband and share with him the things God reveals to me on a regular basis.  I endure what feel to be some of the hardest tasks or saddest moments, because God is there with me, holding me up, loving me.  And, I can give the glory and honor to Him, for He sustains me.  I can boast of what the Lord has done in my life, despite some of the most adverse situations; I can rely on Him, and not the duplicity of mankind.  My husband can find comfort in the fact that all of this shall pass, but God's promises prevail and His Word is Truth.  Throughout each day God brings me to the realization that pain and suffering can be just that, when seen through the eyes of the finite, imperfect individuals that we are.  But, through the blood of Christ, there is only perfection.  Only through Him, can the paradox become reconciled; only through Him can the failures and weaknesses of this world become the victory and strength of a life lived in service to Christ.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to live for Him!
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