Monday, December 7, 2009

Angry Ranting, Amazing Grace

I'm normal -- or at least I think so.  Then again, don't most abnormal people think they are fine and it's the rest of the world that's messed up?  Or maybe, somewhere deep down inside they know they are crazy, but fear, or ignorance, or something else keeps them from making the changes they need.  A counselor once told me, "Normal is being able to recognize the abnormal," or something like that.  The point is this, I don't think I am superhuman, most times I feel like a "very bad Christian" and I wish I'd handled things better than I did, but when it comes to some pretty basic things, I think I can tell truth from horse manure, and I don't think it takes Super Christian to do it.  Sometimes I witness some pretty blatant wrongs and hear some pretty blatant lies, and I want to ask, "Are you sure that's the story you wanna go with?"  I am amazed that people think they are "getting over," that they believe others will fall for this crap!  I am amazed there was a day when I was so lost that I would have.

For instance, I cannot imagine asking someone to share a loan with you, eventually turning said loan over to that person in default, and holding it against him for the rest of his life, much less his widow's.  I cannot imagine being a middle-aged family man, having your retired mother pay car insurance on her vehicle (which you are now driving), and refusing to speak to her when she tells you she wants her car back.  I cannot imagine having a child who needs help from legal authorities and from medical profesionals, and refusing your child that help because...?  (I still have no rationale for that one).  I cannot fathom a man who is given everything, ruthlessly stealing from someone he loves because he had a difficult childhood at the hands of someone completely removed from the situation!

I'm not trying to "out" anyone or make public any dirty laundry, but these are people I have known and loved for years!  These are people who, some of them, profess a faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  These are people, some of which, I have stood shoulder to shoulder with in protesting similar unjustices done to others.  These are people who claim to love.  Now they are making harrassing phone calls, writing vile letters, "unfriending on Facebook" -- what is this?  Middle School?  A spade is a spade, folks!  I'm not saying I'm perfect; I'm not saying I am always on cue, but when it comes to the obvious, can we stop blaming anyone but ourselves for one minute.  I am amazed these people actually think someone is going to side with them or think they are the wounded in all of this.  Do they really believe the lies they tell?  Are they that lost?  The blindest of men can tell truth from lies.

For many years I had a warped sense of who I was, what was right and wrong, and who I served.  Quite honestly, the jury is still out on whether I would have fallen for too much of this nonsense, but thanks to my gracious Lord and Savior I can view things through His eyes and measure things against His Standard.  I no longer have to be lost in the solutions and reasons of man.  I no longer need to be alone and unsure.  I can put Jesus first, others second, and wait on what God has for me; I can serve without fear of being wrongfully used.  These are things God has so graciously given to me -- that's not to say I always accept them, always utilize them or always keep them as my first thought, but they are gifts I most certainly possess and have at my disposal for as long as I walk in God's grace.  Thanks to God for providing a way out of the human condition; I pray I always bring my every decision before Him for His Wisdom and His examination.  I pray those I love seek His Counsel as well.
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