Monday, October 12, 2009

A Time to Dance

Today is my father's "funeral."  Nothing but cremains and, for now, no interment; certainly no spirit remains.  So, "funeral" really doesn't fit in my book.  Memorial?  Maybe, some; we'll definitely be remembering him.  But, as un-"PC" as it sounds, today is a day of celebration.  Early Thursday morning my father was healed -- of everything!  Sure, he had a myriad of health issues -- not a one, I might add, that ever kept him down or left him bitter, but my father was as broken in sin as the rest of us.  That is all gone now.  My father has been made perfect -- the way, had it not been for our own greed, pride and evil suspicions, we all should have been from the very beginning.  God's grace was made manifest four days ago, in the wee hours of the morning, when my father joined his Father as a pure, restored creation, and for the time being anyway, resident of Heaven.  Today is most assuredly a day for us to celebrate that and look forward to a reunion with him!  Ecclesiastes 3:4 

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