Monday, October 26, 2009

A Few Revolutions of the Wheel

Today is my day off from "the job that pays the bills," the job that is "the daily grind."  It' s also the only day of the week I can get up "uber"-early to write without interruption until I walk the dogs at 8 or so.  So, with three or four hours to pen the "great American novel," I should have a lot done -- right?  Let see, so far it looks like this:

Cleaned up dog vomit -- that gulping noise that awakened me shortly before the alarm was the result of Bishop's success in eating his way out of his crate, and his body's refusal to digest pine and chicken wire.

Devotions -- 15 whole minutes of concentrated attention to God and His plan for me.  That is, besides wondering if I got that load of laundry out of the washing machine last night, and trying to recall if they started the winter trash schedule -- 'cause if they did, I have got to put out that trash...  Hey, did I even lock the gate last night?

Helped my husband pack up for work -- that's my husband, right?  Gotta take care of  the man who takes care of me!  Besides, get him off to handle his business, and I can begin to handle mine -- no distractions.

Checked email.  You never know when something very pressing is coming across the wire -- free kittens or coupons from Depends.  Good thing I did check -- that led me to the next matter vital to humanity's welfare...

A host of emails back and forth regarding the whereabouts of a couple of coffee pots missing from our office at work.  (Still haven't located them -- will handle that one tomorrow when, bleary-eyed, I arrive at work and attempt to make coffee in fishbowls a homeschooler was giving away *FREE* in another email.)

Facebook.  Research, right?  See what my friends and family are up to, maybe post a thought or two -- like warm-ups before running a marathon.  By God's grace, few people are up to chat at 5 AM, but it was a gorgeous weekend -- lots of photos and videos posted.  After weeding through them it was time to get down to business.

What's this?  "Balloon boy?"  "Mermaid girl?"  Riveting copy that can't be overlooked.  Maybe I'll pick-up some techniques; maybe there is inspiration lying within.  Maybe I'll just get disgusted by the way the media labels people and no one seems to be offended when Oprah's on the line.

It is now after 7:30 AM, and aside from what you see on this page, I have written absolutely nothing.  Besides my devotions, I have been essentially unproductive and, to be real, my devotions were so many hours ago I'm not sure whether it's time to throw stones or time to gather stones.

Three hours I am not getting back... maybe I can pick up a few extra on Freecycle... 
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