Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Murphy's Have Checked Out -- Temporarily

Aah, that's right -- the start of the school year; everyone's on "bus" time.  I got up early to go to the grocery store and, maybe get a little writing done.  When I got home, the house was lit up like Times Square.  This is the first real weekend we've had with the children since the school routine kicked in; I'd forgotten that, in this house, colder weather means longer days!  Up at 7AM, hanging tough at 9PM!  Well, the "yutes" are -- Scott and I are at a "7 count."

The Fall brings some of the busiest days, as well.  Judging by the frazzled faces I saw at the dance studio and the ice skating rink yesterday, we are not alone.  The simple act of scheduling has required Google-like capabilities from time to time; implementing can get downright ugly!

Accordingly, last night we just said "no."  We bit the finacial bullet in these volatile times, and tried a new restaurant -- albeit a noisy, family-friendly one -- but delicious and astonishingly relaxing.  We walked the mall -- something I try not to do unless we have somehow amassed a vast fortune and have absolutely nothing else to do.  Needless to say, we never walk the mall.  But, last night, I had some coupons and a gift card or two, Madison had saved her money for weeks to buy a game for her DS, and we all needed to just spend some time "checking out" together.

Good thing it was worth it -- when we got home, our resident escape artist and indiscriminate wrecking ball, Bishop, had once again busted out of his crate.  Like something from "The Incredible Hulk," the door was hanging off, secured only to the rest of the crate by the chain Scott had used to padlock the door shut; the top of the crate was popped off on one corner like some deranged beast had resisted captivity with supernatural strength.  Bishop, of course, met us at the front door, tongue lolling, tail wagging his entire body, and seizing with joy.

Would you care for a wake-up call? 
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