Thursday, August 13, 2009

More To Love

It's been a very busy week.

Scott and I spent the entire weekend, sans children, working on our ceiling and attempting to get our living room in order. Despite our stagnant finances, we decided to bite the bullet and spring for some of the amenities required to complete the room in which the family spends the most time. Collectively, we spent almost fifty percent of our time at home improvement stores; we looked, decided, undecided, decided again, then waited. At one Home Depot we waited so long for service in one department, they gave us 10% off our entire bill! At another store, the associate seemed so glad to see someone on a Saturday night, he chatted on about the Phillies and gave us updates on the score as we browsed. Another associate gave us a lesson on "how not to operate a fork lift," and Scott followed up with a lesson on"how to chose the best wood for your project."
In the process of embellishing our living space, we enlarged our family -- by one more pit bull. For those who are counting, that's two adults, five children (four at home) and two canines. I realize there are plenty of folks who might meet that body count and raise it by three or four more, but I still cannot grasp the logic behind it. This was more of an emotional decision, I guess -- a beautiful, gentle dog that needed a home or otherwise would be forced into some very undesirable conditions. Rationale and reason took a back seat. It's been chaotic ever since, and the younger three children aren't even here yet! So, I had to post a picture...
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