Sunday, August 30, 2009

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

Two posts in one day? She must be down with the flu or suffering from some sort muscular atrophy in her lower extremities, you decide.

No, just one of those days when it seems to be coming at me from all directions -- when it's not a matter of what to write, but which to write. Some days I want to write until I am exhausted, so I do, but I am wise to not have you suffer through it; I journal a bit, save some for a rainy day, and post some for you to read. Interestingly enough, today I am compelled to post about posting.
Many artists have their muses -- some living and breathing, some merely places in time which inspire and impel. I have many sources of insight -- not that they are all up and running collectively, but I can usually find some groundwork for creativity. However, I recently asked the question "Just how far I would be willing to go?"

Some sports legends have refused to change their socks. I'll be honest, I can be as lazy and uncouth as any frat boy. I can eat like I've never seen pizza before; I can stay in my pajamas and forego shaving for days. Refusing to change my socks, though? Hmmm, what else ya got?

My mind goes to the Brady Bunch episode in which a consultant of some sort advises the family to engage in a ridiculous exaggeration of "method acting," in order to deliver some award-winning performance in a detergent commercial. Alice has time to go to the salon for an elaborate "updo" now that the detergent has done such a fabulous job on the laundry and freed her up for extracurriculars. So, should I don a clerical collar for divine inspiration, or slip into some winged tulle, rife with sparkles, for a little children's literature. I try to envision Eric Carle sitting at his desk, putting thought to paper while garbed in the fuzzy green vesture of his fictional ravenous caterpillar. Just not working for me...

Meditation? Well, if meditation involves sitting on a mat, coiling my legs into a half windsor, chanting some meaningless drivel or "auming" until I lull myself to sleep, uh -- no. But praying for God to direct me, make my words His words, and lead me according to His Will -- absolutely. Yep, that works for me!
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