Monday, July 13, 2009

Opening the Door to the Past

So, here they are! Steven and Christine together again! I am thrilled -- for myself and for Christine. I hope Steven is, too.
Their reunion did not take place when we thought. In fact, when plans "fell through", I wasn't sure it would happen at all. "I guess it was God's way of telling us someone wasn't ready," I thought. But this afternoon, my son stepped foot in my house for the first time in almost two years! Everyone was on guard -- a little apprehensive -- but eventually, we began to "find our groove". I was pleased both of them wanted to include me. Certainly, it wasn't the way it used to be; given that my son is now a man, his little sister is quickly approaching the age he was when he left, and time has seemed to double with the things I have learned and the paths my life has taken, I'm not sure it will be the same. But, I am willing to see where this path takes me, and I pray Steven can sometimes take it with me.
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